“Humans are filthy and deserve nothing,” he said….

“Where I come from, we do not do these things.”

With curious eyes, he trailed every visible body he could see, observing our existence from above.

He stared in wonder as we danced around with our bucket lists, hopping from post to post. We toil, moving in cycles and clusters, consumed by our blind lust for acquisition, yearning to fulfill an unquenchable thirst for more and more.

But for every significant accomplishment, stands an akin three or more for another, which in turn stands in hundreds for another. And that same accomplishment stands in decimals for yet another; a realm of a never-ending ladder.

In our pursuit of trivia, our weary bones exclaim at the multitude of despair. We rise and fall for few understand the propelling force of gratitude for the things seen and appreciation for things to come.

The fuel the muscle sucks on relies on thanksgiving. Instead, our eyes feast on one side of the coin – the head. Too many a number, cry and swear to the heavens, pointing sorrow-infested fingers at all they lack, few thank first. We ramble, groin and toss filthy righteous acts carefully crafted to appear as service. We lie only to ourselves.

There again goes the group that prays, receives and soon after forgets once in view of answers. Instead, they dance in the glory of their logic citing excuses and explanations they barely understand. Few thank, far fewer ever come back.

No wonder doubt eats our faith and sows seeds of discord in our hearts. If we remembered what HE has done, would doubt still prevail?

Even human intelligence will confidently rely on these facts.

Instead, we squander all that we see, hoarding and holding in an attempt to save. Save? in a universe, we barely understand. If wisdom were as prevalent as the complainants, we would have known that abundance is not a myth but we incessantly buy the story copulated by manipulators in an attempt to extort more than they require. How long before the new accessory has an upgrade, far better and more expensive than the former?

Should the woman that agonizes at the lack of the fruit of the womb not first, gladden that she has a spouse?

Should the jobless fellow not first thank that his brain functions properly before gnashing teeth at the lack of an employer. Perhaps, its time he thought harder and deeper for ideas of his own.

Should a maiden not first rejoice in solitude before begging to be hinged?

Should a man in poor health, not thank that he isn’t died yet or shouldn’t that count for something?

I prayed today and I decided that the next time I complain, let me die in the sorrow of my ungratefulness.

The next time you swallow a morsel remember that about 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth. (Food Aid Foundation.)

Rather than wonder if the glass is half full or half empty, drink it up and be grateful for drinkable water.
Because about 2.3 billion people in the world do not have access to adequate sanitation, one in three of the world’s population. (WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2015 update) 

Be grateful, gratitude causes the brain to light up and become more creative.
Indeed, many studies over the past decade have found that people who consciously count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed. Gratitude can be a natural antidepressant. When we take the time to  ask what we are grateful for, certain neural circuits are activated. Production of dopamine and serotonin increases and these neurotransmitters then travel neural pathways to the “bliss” centre of the brain — similar to the mechanisms of many antidepressants. (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/emily-fletcher/the-neuroscience-of-gratitude)

As the year ends, in the fashion of the entire hullabaloo smashing furiously, flooding in with the thoughts of unaccomplishedness,  just breathe and give thanks that you a can breathe.

Should it take the prisoner to explain the gift of freedom?

Should it take the starving child unsure of the last meal to appreciate the gift of food?

Should it take a homeless man accustomed to the hardness of the cold earth to explain the sweet comfort of a bed?

Should it take an orphan to explain the gift of parents?

Should it take the man without eyesight to explain the privilege of sight?

Should it take a man with no legs to explain the gift of walking?

Who do you need to see to ignite a spirit of thanksgiving?

“Where I come from, we do not do these things; we praise and sing songs of gratitude all day.” He whispered.


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