Rural Prologue.

Green leaves, red earth.
Dusty tables, cracked walls.

Rusty panes, ancient appliances.

Hot afternoons, chilling evenings.
Reddish earth, muddy feet.
Rusted roofs, red houses.
Elevated homes, depreciating furniture.
Loud gunshots, dead silent nights.

Large congregations, bilingual preachers
Mother tongue jabbering, cocks crowing.
Expectant dependents, exhausted earners.
Wheelbarrows, sweaty brows.
Curved backs, missing teeth.
Unused spaces, crowded market squares.

Rural poverty, urban influence.
Able-bodied men, petty jobs.
Few cars, crooked roads.
Hungry kids, cassava farms.

Poor life choices, old age regrets.
Cliché adages, untapped potentials.
Lonely aged, absent youths.
Returnee grand-kids, exhilarated grannies, extended family trees.
Unwanted children, confused adults.
Starved adults, praise-seeking mongers.

Slaughtered cows, crowed compounds.
Fake personas, smiley faces.
Rich sounds, talented players.
Colourful designs, hideous sacred masks.

White-clothed shrines, 19th-century churches.
Religious brethren, village square attendees.
Family time, undiluted happiness.
Shortcomings, typical humans.


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